Welcome to my modpage!

11th August 2006

This site contains music and information about myself (Stig Rune Frydenlund, aka Jerry/Desire & Rebels), my scene-carreer and the music I have made through the years (from 1991 and onwards) using various trackers. If you don’t know what a tracker is, read this wikipedia article.

The music is composed on Amiga and PC computers in SoundTracker/ProTracker (mod), FastTracker 2 (xm), Abyss Highest eXperience (thx/ahx), MilkyTracker (xm) and ReNoise (rn). All songs are contained within separate module files. Some songs are also "polished" a bit and made available in mp3-format.

Most of the songs will play with WinAmp (mod/xm/mp3), but I reccomend playing all the songs (except mp3’s) in either their native players, or an optimized player for the respective formats for better playback.

Check out the tools section to download trackers/players etc.