Blurred Imaginations

Playtime: 03:20 Notes/Details:
Style/Genre: Techno
The very first tune i did after receiving the "Mazzive Injection - No1 Instruments" CD by Maz, and all the samples in this tune are taken from it.

The song itself is a rather slow-walkin melodious Techno-Piece with nice stereo effects and acid sounds. I remember putting a lot of effort into creating panning/stereo-effects to create an illusion of the sounds "floating around".

If you play this song in WinAmp it won't play right. As mentioned elsewhere, I recommend XMPlay for XM playback.

This song is also available as MP3
Finished: 30th August 1998
Uncompressed Filesize: 1520 KiB (1556632 bytes)
Format: FastTracker 2 (.xm)
Channels: 20
Speed: 6
BPM: 115
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