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Style/Genre: Chiptune

Chiptune cover of the famous Norwegian christmas carol "Julekveldsvisa" (Christmas Eve Song), original made by Alf Prøysen (lyrics) and Arnljot Høyland (melody), released for the first time in 1951 in the christmas edition of the family magazine "Magasinet for alle" (The Magazine for Everyone)

This song is amongst the most well-known Norwegian christmas carols, and essential listening for all Norwegians over the christmas period. I have fond memories of this song from my early childhood, and it was an easy pick when asked to cover a christmas song for the Chiperia Christmas Edition 2015.

I started this cover late november, and finished it december 18th. I tried to apply some different techniques for the chords for variation since the melody itself is rather short and consists of six verses

This song is also my first official release since joining iNSANE as a double member

Finished: 18th December 2015
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