Funky Marmelade

Playtime: 03:57 Notes/Details:
Style/Genre: Funk
Jam Session
My entry for the Tracked music competition at Revision 2015 made with MilkyTracker.

My aim was to make this sound like a playful jam session (hence the name Marmelade (Jam)). I spent quite some time working on this song, starting in february, and finishing it at Revision. My XM skills are a little bit rusty (first XM i finish for many years).

I nearly failed to get this tune into the competition at Revision because my computer (that i'd borrowed) decided to install 157 windows updates 1 1/2 hours before compo deadline, and rebooted the machine. The operation took 3 hours to complete! I explained to the organizers, and they were cool about it luckily allowing me to hand in my compoentries the next day :)
Finished: 3rd April 2015
Uncompressed Filesize: 1847 KiB (1891780 bytes)
Format: MilkyTracker (.xm)
Channels: 22
Speed: 6
BPM: 130
Personal Rating:  (6 of 6)
Added Date: 2015-04-05
Downloads: 679
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AMP gz Paris, France