Saint Lucia

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Style/Genre: Caribbean I made this song during my honeymoon at Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia in the Caribbean where I married my fiancé for the past eight years, Cathrine. Who brings a laptop to their honeymoon, let alone start composing music with earplugs in the evening? I know that’s weird :)

My technique is pretty rusty, and this is my first finished Renoise song ever, and also my first finished song in many years. I suppose it could be polished and remastered quite a bit. Maybe I will do an improved version some time in the future when and if I get back on track ;)

I was naturally influenced by the Caribbean when I made this song and were of course pretty happy, which the melody suggests :)

The song is also available in it’s original Renoise format.
Finished: 21st July 2008
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