Papillons Theme

Playtime: 00:34 Notes/Details:
Style/Genre: C64
Conversion of the introtune by Lasse Öörni (Cadaver) from the C64 crack intro from Papillons. Originally claimed to be composed by Edwin van Santen.

Converted by me on request from AC/Rebels. Didn't quite manage to recapture the same sound, and the conversion is quite crude. Was made in a hurry though.

Notes about original song (from this location) :
In a demo by Edwin van Santen, which he released about two years after the tune was made popular in the Papillion's crack intro, he states that he in fact composed the music. This demo contained a new version of the tune (/20CC/Vlindertjes_v2.sid). He explains how he had made the music two years earlier on some composer like Soundmonitor or something similar. While at a copyparty, someone stole his music disk which had the tune on it. This was his only copy of the tune. About two months later, the tune appeared on a Papillions' intro and no credit was given to van Santen.
Finished: 28th September 1998
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