Days of the Week

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Style/Genre: Easy Listening
Another multipart-tune composed in an attempt to capture the mood of all the days of the week. The song took some time to compose as i was only "allowed" to compose the part of each day on the actual day. The sunday-part wasn't completely finished, and propably never will be ... There are quite a few different styles thru the song

The different days are represented by the following parts (positions):
  • 00-09 Monday
  • 10-19 Tuesday
  • 20-25 Wednesday
  • 26-31 Thursdat
  • 32-42 Friday
  • 43-57 Saturday
  • 58-68 Sunday

Composed between 15th September to 22nd October 1997.
Finished: 22nd October 1997
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Speed: 3 / 6 / 8
BPM: 111
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