Game-Over Tune

Playtime: 00:07 Notes/Details:
Style/Genre: Gamestyle Game-over tune for an AMOS game called "Elg Games" me and a friend of mine, Junkhead (ex.Iris), made for fun.

Extremely short "song" consisting only of a single pattern and 7 seconds in length.

Read more about this game, and the associated song by checking out "Elg-Ingame 1".
Finished: 14th May 1995
Uncompressed Filesize: 9 KiB (9190 bytes)
Format: ProTracker (.mod)
Channels: 4
Speed: 6
BPM: 125
Personal Rating:  (3 of 6)
Added Date: 2006-08-02
Downloads: 477
Available Download Sites:(1) mod Copenhagen, Denmark