30th November v4

Playtime: 03:03 Notes/Details:
Style/Genre: Techno
My unselected entry for The Party 1997 multichannel compo.

I first started to compose this song on my Amiga, but then the mouseport got broken, making composing entirely impossible, and I finished it on the PC and added a few channels. That is the reason for why there are so few channels in the beginning of the song. All the samples are amiga-samples (8 bits).
Finished: 30th November 1997
Uncompressed Filesize: 445 KiB (455859 bytes)
Format: FastTracker 2 (.xm)
Channels: 8
Speed: 3 / 9
BPM: 123
Personal Rating:  (4 of 6)
Added Date: 2006-07-20
Downloads: 2417
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amp.dascene.net gz Paris, France
ftp.modland.com xm Gothenburg, Sweden
jerrymusic.com xm Copenhagen, Denmark