About myself

Early days (1982-1995)

I have always been told that I'm gifted and talented (suppose every parent tell their kids ;), so I was encouraged to start with music already at the age of 5... I started playing the violin, but lost interest early .. Later I started playing the guitar, and bought my first computer .. I didn't do any composing on the c64, but when I got an Amiga 500 I was caught by the mysterious world of mod-composing and the demoscene. That was back in 1989, and I wasn't too skilled .. But things improved thru the years. Me and some friends founded our own group called "Hi-Tech", then renamed to "Unit" and finally renamed to "Far Side". We were unskilled and had loads of ideas :) but we never actually released anything. I also switched my handle in the early 90's, first from "Iron Eagle" to "Eagle", and then finally to "Jerry".

Flourishing years (1996-1998)

Things got better when I got an Amiga 1200 .. "Far Side" was dissolved and I joined another local group called "X".. I just did a lot of composing, and I also joined Sardonyx for a short while. Then more or less everyone in the group got inactive, and when me and Ambient got an offer from Rebels, we didn't hesitate a minute. Then I got to release my very first production in 1996 together with Chris Meland/Melon and Archangel/TRSI.. Chip Nostalgia it was called.. A tribute to the beloved c64... A year after, I released another music collection Called Marlboro Matic.. This is a tribute to the smoking art of Marlboro :) .. my favorite cigarette-brand. I was also a member of LSD and the music label Poise Records for a short time. During this period I also contributed on other releases and attended several parties. In many ways, this was my most active and prospering period in the scene.

End of Amiga-era (1998)

It was during 1998 I experienced one of the greatest setbacks in my scene-life. My harddrive on the Amiga simply just shut down after a lightening, and of course, I had no backup of all my unfinished work. This harddrive also contained a Rebels demo that Ambient was working on for The Party '98. This sort of "put an end" to my motivation to compose on the Amiga as I also lost my sample archive, and from this moment I've mainly composed on the PC. I still of course have my beloved Amigas, and I use it/them from time to time, mainly to compose AHX/THX and to play old classic games ;) .. However I'd love to do some Amiga music again, but it's limitations and me being spoiled with the capabilities of the PC, is a .. hmm .. problem. I do no longer possess all the tricks and skills that are required to do quality songs in ProTracker... The time is also an important aspect, as my days are pretty busy.

My phoneline also got shut down during the end of 1998 due to some friends I was living with didn't chip in on the phone-bill. This also lead to me losing contact with the scene-community.

In the Navy (1999-2000)

During 1999 i served my initial servicey in the Royal Norwegian Navy, also keeing me away from composing. I did however manage to transfer to a naval base in my hometown (after some gentle sobbing ;), giving me the possibility to live at home during the service. I took up composing then (FastTracker 2 only). During July/august 1999 I also regained access to a phoneline when moving back home with my parents for a brief time (*sigh* .. defeat moving back home with the tail between the legs). This however gave me the possibility to regain contact with the scene-community. This only lasted for 5-6 months, when I moved out again for a place on my own without Internet access, something that should go on for about a year.

In the beginning of 2000, shortly after having moved, I also met my fiance whom I've been together with for over six years now. I made her a nice sounding ballad "Little Aquarius" shortly after hooking up (Yep, I know I'm a soft *shite* ;)

Study-years (2000-2003)

In 2000 I started studying for my "Bachelor of information technology" degree at NITH. New girlfriend and demanding studies .. There was not so much time for musical activities, and being cut-off from the community (withouth Internet access) was also demotivating. I did however compose/complete a few songs in this period;  "The Assault - Second Stage", "Little Aquarius", "Obsolescent", "Christmas Eve" and "Maybe Tomorrow" (which was the first AHX in over 2 years).

In 2001 I did regain Internet access again when ADSL made it's entrance, and I did moved into a bigger appartment together with my girlfriend.

Workaholic (2003-2005)

In 2003 i started working as a IT consultant / system developer, a very time-consuming job. There was not much spare-time, energy nor interest for composing during this period, and the computer was mostly spent either gaming or programming.

Short Revival (2006 - 2007)

The workload and challenges is starting to feel more manageable now, leaving me with more spare-time, and I've started regaining interest in composing and the scene-community again, playing around with ReNoise and other trackers. With so little compsing in such a long time, my skills are undoubtedly expremly rusty. The first song I've completed in ages, "The Milky Way" must said to be a proof of that. The song is made to sound "old", and consists soley of ST-01 samples (early Amiga-samples). It's also composed in a tool I've never used before, "MilkyTracker".

I also got motivated to build this page, fulfilling an ambition I've had about organizing all my music in categories/database.

20th of August 2006 i also teamed up with the music-label "Equilibrium", which basically is the same as Poise Records, just with a different name, but this eventually died out as I did not get around to complete anything.

Fatherhood and family life (2009-2012)

In July 2008 i Married my fiancé for the past 8 years at St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Shortly after in August 2009 (and a little bit ahead of "our schedule") we had a baby boy, and also bought and moved into a house.. A lot of changes followed and also a change in priorities and not being able to prioritise oneself and interests as much any longer.. It is a change to the better in many ways, and I truly enjoy my new role as a father and role model, although I sometimes miss the crazy old days :)

In 2010 I joined Desire as a "couch scener member" (basically just being in the crew), but I had plans contributing when time allowed, and get back into the scene.. In this period I spent most of my musical energy playing on my guitars and singing child songs and lullaby's, but I also fiddled around a little in Renoise, but it never really materialised into anything worth finishing. There was too much else going on to truly focus.

In April 2012 my wife gave birth to our second son, which made an already hectic schedule more hectic.

AmigaScene revival (2013 - Present time)

In 2013 things really started picking up again scene-wise. After having been a "couch scener" and a "sleeping member" of Desire since joining in 2010, I completed my first Amiga module for about 15 years, "Little Panda" in the beginning of 2013, dedicated to my second son that was born the previous year. I started regaining interest in the Amiga again, got more active with the scene community on Facebook, hooked up with old and new scene pals, and invested a lot of time and money into getting my Amigas back in shape, stocking up equipment and such from AmigaKit and Vesalia. I currently have 1 A4000 (my main tracking machine atm), 3 A1200's and 3 A500's. I'm also getting involved with many different scene projects, contributing music.

I've set up a SoundCloud page to post my work on, and have also started fiddling around with FL Studio on the PC as well as getting a bit more serious with Renoise. Many ongoing projects. I've also finished many Amiga modules that is scheduled to be involved in various productions during the year. Tracking is getting fun again :)

In 2015 I also got involved in the Chiperia Project, composing Chiptunes on the Amiga again on a regular basis. I also attended Revision in Saarbrücken, Germany .. my first Demoparty for over a decade, which was great fun, meeting many fellow Desire members and new and old scene buddies. In December 2015, I also joined iNSANE as a double-member, getting one more outlet to release my work through. 2016 already have a new surprise in store, as me and my wife are expecting our third (boy) child (early May)..

Stay tuned! :)